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Birth Mark Treatment

What are the types of birth marks?

There are basically two types of birth marks.
1. Pigmentation type: Due to abnormalities in skin color

    1. Nevus of Ota: green colored mole generally on one side of face, may be associated with dark patches in the eye.
    2. Café au lait patch: coffee coloured flat patches
    3. Congenital Melanocytic Nevus: Black thick mole with hair growth. There is a small risk of skin cancer in large moles.
    4. Mongolian spots: green colored patches on body, generally clear
      spontaneously within one year of age.
    5. Becker’s nevus: Dark brown coloured patch with excess hair growth,
      appears during puberty.

2. Vascular type: Due to abnormalities in skin blood vessels.

    1. Hemangiomas: Red thick skin growths. Generally clear spontaneously in the
      first few years of life.
    2. Portwine stain: Pink-red flat patches which turn purple-red after several
      years. Port-wine stains do not fade or go away. These birthmarks may be a
      concern if located on the face around the eye because they may be associated
      with eye and/or brain problems.

Nevus of Ota and Café au lait patches can be treated very well with Q-switched Nd-YAG laser. Multiple laser treatments at a gap 3 months are required for resolution. There may be a temporary darkening after the laser treatment followed by clearing of the mole.

Freckles/ Lentigines are brown small spots appearing on the sun exposed/ other parts, which can be effectively cleared by Q-switched laser.

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